Westward Whiskey Two Malts BridgePort Brewing Co.


Introducing our last and final barrel of our BridgePort Kingpin brewery collaboration, a nod to Oregon’s rich craft brewing history. Made from a beer wash from the now defunct but much beloved Oregon brewery, this whiskey - which features a high rye mash bill - saw an additional two years in lightly charred American Oak barrels. The influence of three different rye varieties - rye malt, caraway malt, and chocolate rye - and the added time in the barrel transforms our signature orchard fruit and toasted almond notes into lychee and almond toffee. 

A project driven by Lead Distiller Miles Munroe, who called BridgePort Brewing his home when he first came to Portland from brewing school, this collaboration highlights Westward’s unwavering dedication to the brewing process in our whiskey-making efforts. 

ABV 45% / 90 Proof
Size 750ml / 75cl.

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